Geo-restaurant Petiscos & Granitos


…Balcony for the space vastness

Petiscos & Granitos outsideA new concept of restaurant, a pedagogical strategy promoting the Portuguese geological heritage. This is Petiscos & Granitos, the first geological restaurant. Traditionally built using granite boulders with thousands of tons as walls and roof, this unique place celebrates the “Cookery of Earth”. A dynamical Geo-menu follows the gastronomy calendar of Idanha and appeal to a strong relationship between traditional tastes and geographic diversity of Portugal. Different appeals, different know-hows. Visiting the two dining rooms and the esplanade is discovering the exhibition “The Rolling Stones show Geohistory of Portugal told by rocks” and feel the action of Time and the dynamics of Earth.Petiscos & Granitos inside


And coming back to Petiscos & Granitos is to become surprised by new exhibitions, new thematic parties, different sensations and the same imposing landscape. If it's not possible to return, this net concept remove spatial or geographic barriers and can reach wherever you desire.

Rain of Nature arising intensely vertical from the contiguous plains, Monsanto catch our feelings by its granite greatness and opulence. The boulders loosing on the slopes are an exaggeration to natural geometry. Apparently unique, each granite ball was modeled and exposed by the weathering elements during millions of years, creating patterns that excite the imagination. The wise and primeval understanding of landscapes by Man made this hanging balcony for the space vastness a way of life, a state of mind, a strength of being and will.


Address: Rua da Pracinha, 16 - 6060-091, Monsanto