Located in Beira Baixa, on a wind-sheltered plateau, Monfortinho Spa benefits from the excellent local microclimate. At the foot of the Penha Garcia sierra, near the right bank of the River Erges and the border with Spain, the Spa uses the mineral water springs of the «Holy Fountain», known since remote times for their therapeutic value.

As old as the first curative water treatments, the Monfortinho Spa offers relaxation with nature and history close by.

Monfortinho offers hydro-treatments the whole year round. The programmes are complete, combining physical relaxation and spiritual well-being.

The existence of Roman remains has led to the belief that the Monfortinho springs were used during the Roman colonization, although it is only from the 17th century onwards that there is reliable evidence of their use. The spa became important in the forties (20th century) with the building of new facilities, and today is one of the most prestigious in the country.

Therapeutic properties: digestive complaints, skin diseases and dermatology treatments, gynecological complaints.

Tourism facilities: swimming-pools, shooting, hunting, fishing, canoeing, mountain bicycles, delta wing, gliding, tennis, squash, historical and cultural tours.