Penha Garcia localization

Penha Garcia is situated between Monsanto and Monfortinho. From here, you are allowed to see a fantastic view and the edge of the frontier.

This typical village celebrates 750 years of existence and coexistence with the fossils of trilobites (“icnofósseis”) that date of 480 million years ago.

Visit this historical village and be surprised with the wonders of the Ichnological Park of Penha Garcia, inserted in the Geopark Naturtejo, assisted by UNESCO, and considered an exquisite destination.

In the Parish Church houses is the image of Our Lady breastfeeding her child, carved in Ançã stone and a most touching demonstration of motherhood, which is based on a Gothic inscription dating from 1469.




CastleThe castle is situated on the southern slope of the Serra de Penha Garcia, overlooking the River Pônsul, where there is also a dam.

King D. Sancho I ordered the construction of the castle of Penha Garcia, in the 12th century

This village was reconquered in the reign of D. Afonso II, in 1220, and then donated to the Order of Santiago. Since 1220 untill the XIX century was Penha Garcia the region's Council. Today, what still is to see is nonetheless impressive and worth recording.

In the 14th century, both the town and castle were given to the Order of the Knights Templar, who fought to defend the Christian territory. However, the land belonged before to the lord of the manor, D. Garcia Mendes, who gave his name to the village.